Tuesday 5 August 2014

Steve Penk - Phone for a job prank calls (Picadilly Radio)

OK I know this is a slight change, posting some non punk music, in fact not even posting music but some comedy prank calls.

But I have to tell you this story.

I was driving to work, and this guy, who was standing by a car with the bonnet up, flagged me down. he said his car had broken down and would I give him a lift to a garage.
So being a good guy, I said I'd drop him off at a garage in Guildford. he climbed in the car and sat their with a glum face and said he was totally skint and this was a nightmare to happen now.
So I pushed the cassette (it was a long time ago) into the player and started to play this posting. Within five minutes he was crying with laughter (well we both were), when I got to the garage he was smiling and said thanks I really cheered him up, and where could he buy the tape from. Unfortunately I couldn't help him as it was a home recording that had been passed onto me. But he still left smiling. So I hope somehow he finds this posting, and he can laugh at it again.

Most of them are Steve Penk applying for a job, and there are some real gems here. He did release an album with his prank calls from his Capital radio show, the few I have heard I found unfunny and nowhere near the quality of these.

See what you think.

Title: Steve Penk - Phone for a job prank calls
Broadcast: Picadilly Radio
1. Carpet Fitter
2. Meat Packer
3. Barber
4. Tipper Driver
5. Bookies
6. Hairdresser
7. Print Finisher
8. Hotel Manager
9. Trumpet Player
10. Russian Tank
11. Moped
12. Chef
13. Cook
14. Disneyland
15. Window Cleaner
16. Mop Maker
17. Office Junior
18. Chambermaid

Ripped from an old homemade cassette


Anonymous said...

Top notch! P***ing myself here.

Punkzer0 said...

To both of the anon comments, thanks for the compliment and feedback. I clearly missed the first comment, geez Jan 2008 that was a while ago.