Tuesday 5 August 2014

Rikki And The Last Days Of Earth - Loaded

Definitely not punk, and a bit of an oddity that would full under the category of New Wave. I put this up as a curiosity rather than one of my favorites, although it did not go unplayed over the years.

A punk version of "Street Fighting Man" on the b-side is not bad.

This was Rikki's third single, not sure what the others are like as I have never heard them. If anyone has got them I wouldn't mind a sample.

See what you think

Band: Rikki And The Last Days Of Earth
Label: DJM
Year: 1978
1. Loaded
2. Street Fighting Man

So ripped from glorious scratched vinyl


Suzy Andrews said...

Thanx for this track I won their album at the local radio show at Radio Trent Nottingham.I lost the album somewhere along the way, so realy good to have this ,thanx again,Mikeyten

Punkzer0 said...

Thanks for your comment mikey. Glad to help. Shame you lost the album, I would still like to hear that.

All the best, Gary

Anonymous said...

My brother had the album (in 1977 I think), I thought it was soso, the best song where City of the damned and victimized, which where also releazed as a 7" (their first?).
I bought that 7"in 1978 for f1,- (about 90 eurocents), Ican rip it for you and email it (no cover it was lost due to waterdamage)
Bye IJS ( ijsco@hotmail.com )